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Accessibility Advocate • Workshop Facilitator • UX Strategist

My entry in to the wonderful world of UX

My entry into UX was a little unconventional, whilst working at Doddle as an Operations Manager, I was fortunate enough to partner with our product team and offer my field knowledge of our software hands on. I was able to present some wireframes that aided with the user pain points in store and helped the team redesign the store application booking path.

This is when the Head of product suggested that I was wasting my time and I should look into a future in UX. Shortly after my role was made redundant and I chose to complete an accredited Professional Diploma in UX Design and so my love for UX started.

Design values


Gaining a strategic perspective of a subject or problem by looking beyond the specifics, supported by research, driven by hypotheses, and validated through testing.

Inclusive and accessible

Creating an inclusive experience that considers factors such as abilities, age, socioeconomic class, gender identity, race/ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.

Business goals with user needs

Comprehending, deconstructing, and simplifying intricate ideas and concepts that align with business objectives while considering user requirements.


Engaging stakeholders and colleagues to foster collaboration, gathering diverse ideas and solutions from various viewpoints, and facilitating Design Thinking workshops.

Understanding patterns

Analysing patterns and situations to anticipate future events, providing support throughout the product development cycle (Agile) starting from problem identification, through design, and all the way to delivery.

My Arsenal

Daily drivers and tools I have used through the years



Quantum Metric







“Edwin is a great team player who worked incredibly hard for the business. He was not only a great designer but also great at managing clients and their workflow. His input and ideas into making process improvements have been invaluable."
Chris Peacock
Chris Peacock
Managing Director - Bubble
“Edwin has a number of skills that he applies to his work, from branding and web design to UX, management and business development. He has not only helped me progress in my role but he has helped the company grow and succeed.”
Chris Theaker
Chris Theaker
Head of Design - Bubble
“Edwin worked with the product team here at Doddle just before he started his path towards formal UX / UI training. Using his skills in graphic design, Edwin and his knowledge of retail processes, Edwin helped us to re-design the flows for our store staff application, which now handles millions of transactions globally."
Bob Griffiths
Chief Strategy Officer - Doddle

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